LuciadCPillar C# 2024.0
Luciad.Edit Namespace Reference

Supports interactive editing of Features on the Map. More...


namespace  Features
 Editing features.
namespace  Geometries
 Editing geometries.
namespace  Handles
 Edit handles.


class  Editor
 This class allows you to interactively edit Features on the Map. More...
class  EditSettings
 This class contains settings that can be used as defaults for IFeatureHandlesProvider and IGeometryHandlesProvider implementations. More...


enum  ChangeStatus { InProgress , InProgressKeyPoint , Finished }
 Indicates a change status. More...
enum  ModelUpdateMode { OnAnyChange , OnMajorChanges , OnEditFinished }
 Enumeration that indicates when changes need to be committed to the model. More...

Detailed Description

Supports interactive editing of Features on the Map.

The main entry point for editing is the Editor class. See the related guide for an overview of the editing API.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ ChangeStatus

Indicates a change status.

It provides more information about the type of a change.

This enum is for example used to indicate what kind of editing or creation changes are performed.

See also

Indicates that a change is transitional.

This means that more changes are coming. This is for example useful when a mouse button is being dragged. All operations resulting from mouse-dragged events are marked as InProgress, except the last one.


Indicates that the change represents an important key point.

This could for example be the case when a new point is added to a polyline, or the change when you stop dragging a point of a polyline. It for example indicates on which temporary change states undo and redo operations could be performed.


Indicates that the change is finished.

No more changes will follow. This change also represents an important key point, like ChangeStatus.InProgressKeyPoint.

◆ ModelUpdateMode

Enumeration that indicates when changes need to be committed to the model.

This mode is a configuration option for FeatureEditConfigurationBuilder.

This mode can have an influence on editing performance. It is not always a good idea to commit all intermediate editing changes to the model. This can lead to a large number of model updates, and for many model implementations, this can lead to a sub-optimal performance. For example: models that are backed by a database.

This enumeration allows you to specify the granularity of updates that are performed on a model.


Indicates that the model will be updated for any change, including ChangeStatus.InProgress changes to a Feature.


Indicates that the model will be updated for major changes, meaning only changes that are marked as ChangeStatus.InProgressKeyPoint or ChangeStatus.Finished.


Indicates that the model will be updated only after editing a Feature is completely finished, after all changes to the Feature are done.