LuciadCPillar 2023.1.03

The LuciadCPillar API. More...


 Animations API.
 Camera API.
 Basic constructs of Cartesian geometry.
 Utility classes for handling concurrent access.
 Basic container utilities.
 Provides interaction with the data presented on a Map.
 Supports interactive creation of Features on the Map.
 This package provides an API to describe domain objects in a unified way.
 Drawing-related concepts like Icons, Color, Image, ...
 Supports interactive editing of Features on the Map.
 Support for creating expressions over an abstract object model.
 Support for accessing data in various formats.
 Coordinate references and geodesy calculations.
 Everything related to representing geometries.
 Functionality related to grids.
 Everything that is used as input to interact with the map.
 Support for rendering of data on a Map.
 Base classes related to loading data for network resources.
 Supports display of data on screen using a map with layers.
 Models provide content to be displayed in a Map.
 Programming interface for network operations.
 Classes for modeling raster data.
 Support for various symbology standards.
 Text related functionality.
 General utility classes.


class  luciad::Environment
 Container of global state in this library. More...
class  luciad::ErrorInfo
 This class exposes details for a failed method call. More...
class  luciad::Exception
 Represents errors that occur during application execution. More...
class  luciad::ILoggingBackend
 Backend for the logging in this library. More...
class  luciad::InvalidArgumentException
 The exception that is thrown when one of the arguments provided to a method is not valid. More...
class  luciad::IOException
 The exception that is thrown when encountering an exception while reading a resource. More...
class  luciad::LicenseException
 The exception that is thrown when the CPillar license is not valid. More...
class  luciad::LogicException
 The exception that represents an error in the program logic. More...
class  luciad::NotImplementedException
 The exception that is thrown when a requested method or operation is not implemented. More...
class  luciad::NullArgumentException
 The exception that is thrown when nullptr is passed to a method that does not accept it as a valid argument. More...
class  luciad::ParseException
 The exception that is thrown when an unexpected token/grammatical error is encountered during the parsing of a text file. More...
class  luciad::RuntimeException
 The generic exception that is thrown during the normal operation. More...


enum class  luciad::ErrorCode {
  luciad::ErrorCode::Unsupported = 1 , luciad::ErrorCode::FileNotFound , luciad::ErrorCode::RuntimeError , luciad::ErrorCode::InvalidParameter ,
 luciad/ErrorInfo.h More...
enum class  luciad::LogLevel {
  luciad::LogLevel::Error , luciad::LogLevel::Warning , luciad::LogLevel::Info , luciad::LogLevel::Debug ,
 Various levels for logging messages. More...

Detailed Description

The LuciadCPillar API.

The header files are distributed over a directory structure based on functional area. We use the module structure to show this distribution.

Make sure to initialize an Environment before using the CPillar functionality. You can find more within the tutorial on making your first map application.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ ErrorCode

enum class luciad::ErrorCode





When a file cannot be found.


Runtime error condition.


Invalid argument.


Operation is canceled.

◆ LogLevel

enum class luciad::LogLevel

Various levels for logging messages.



Indicates a problem from which no recovery is possible.


Indicates a problem from which we can recover.

Recovery could be to give up whatever we attempted.


Indicates information of general interest.


Indicates information of use for figuring out a problem.


Indicates extremely detailed information that is probably only useful to the maintainer of the code.