LuciadCPillar 2023.1.03

Support for rendering of data on a Map. More...


 Support for rendering of feature (vector) data.
 Support for rendering of grids.
 Support for rendering of raster data.
 Support for styling data on a Map.
 Support for rendering of 3D tiles data.


class  luciad::ILayerListObserver
 Observer interface allowing to get notified about changes within the luciad::LayerList. More...
class  luciad::ILayerObserver
 Interface for observing layers. More...
class  luciad::Layer
 Common representation for layers that can be added to a map. More...
class  luciad::LayerEvent
 Event that indicates that some property of a specific layer has changed. More...
class  luciad::LayerList
 Represents an ordered list of layers. More...
class  luciad::LayerListEvent
 An event object, describing a change in a LayerList instance. More...


using luciad::LayerId = uint64_t

Detailed Description

Support for rendering of data on a Map.

The main entry point for adding data to the Map is the Layer class. It's possible to create a Layer instance using

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