LuciadCPillar 2024.0 · welcome!

So you unpacked LuciadCPillar, and now you want to:

Installing LuciadCPillar

Go to the installation page for full installation instructions on Windows, Linux and Android.

Installing the license file

To run LuciadCPillar, you need a license file that is provided to you by our Customer Services department.

To install the license file, copy the text file to the licenses folder.

If the license file comes in an archive file, unpack the archive file in the licenses folder.

For more information, see Check your license.

Desktop and Android license

Development licenses always work in both a desktop C++/C# and Android project.

For deployment, your licenses must contain the corresponding optional module for the platform you are deploying on: Desktop or Android, or both.

Run the demos and samples

The Samples page provides an overview and descriptions of all LuciadCPillar samples.

Visit the Luciad Developer Platform for product movies and online documentation.

Find out what's new

The release guide explains the new features and improvements of this release.

Get some help from the docs

Start coding in LuciadCPillar

Learn how to create a map in LuciadCPillar, add layers with vector and raster data, and automatically fit the map view to that data.

Conventions in LuciadCPillar

See Conventions used in the LuciadCPillar API for the main coding conventions, and to find out how the C++ API maps to other supported languages.


See the troubleshooting article to learn about common problems and how you can solve them.

Or dive straight into the API documentation.