Class TLcdLOSRadarPropagationFunctionCoverageMatrixWrapper

All Implemented Interfaces:
ILcdLOSPropagationFunction, ILcdLOSRadarPropagationFunction

public class TLcdLOSRadarPropagationFunctionCoverageMatrixWrapper extends Object implements ILcdLOSRadarPropagationFunction
Wrapper class, enabling multiple step processing of line-of-sight computation results. This class wraps the result of a line-of-sight computation with a radar propagation function as a line-of-sight propagation function. This function can be used as input for other propagation functions (as TLcdLOSRadarPropagationFunctionSkyBackground) without having to redo the original line-of-sight computations.
  • Constructor Details

    • TLcdLOSRadarPropagationFunctionCoverageMatrixWrapper

      public TLcdLOSRadarPropagationFunctionCoverageMatrixWrapper(ILcdLOSCoverageMatrix aLOSCoverageMatrix, ILcdLOSRadarPropagationFunction aLOSRadarPropagationFunction)
      Creates a propagation function which delegates its methods to a fixed line-of-sight coverage matrix (ILcdLOSCoverageMatrix). Note that the coverage matrix and the propagation function cannot be set to null. If this condition is not met, a NullPointerException will be thrown.
      aLOSCoverageMatrix - The fixed coverage matrix to use in this propagation function.
      aLOSRadarPropagationFunction - The propagation function used to create the fixed coverage matrix.
      NullPointerException - when the argument aLOSCoverageMatrix or the argument aLOSRadarPropagationFunction is null.
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