Package com.luciad.ogc.wcs.client

package com.luciad.ogc.wcs.client
Client API for an OGC Web Coverage Service (WCS).

The supported WCS version is 1.0.0. For more information about the specifications, please refer to

The TLcdWCSClient class is the main class through which all communication with a WCS service occurs. It provides the low-level functionality to initialize a connection, to create and send requests, and to interpret the responses. It can also be used to explore the capabilities of a WCS.

To retrieve and visualize coverage data from a WCS in an application, an ILcdModel has to be created that represents a data link or proxy towards the WCS. For this purpose, the class TLcdWCSProxyModelFactory is provided, which allows to create a WCS model based on a TLcdWCSClient instance. The resulting model contains one TLcdWCSProxy object, which will transparently obtain data from the WCS and cache it locally in memory. Additionally, TLcdWCSProxy provides various WCS-specific configuration options.