Package com.luciad.ogc.wcs

package com.luciad.ogc.wcs

Implementation of the OGC Web Coverage Service (WCS) specification. The LuciadLightspeed WCS API provides a framework for setting up a WCS. The main class of the WCS package is TLcdWCSServlet, which provides all required request handling facilities out of the box. To populate the WCS with data, users must implement the abstract class ALcdOGCWCSCommandDispatcherFactory. This class is also the main access point for further customization of the WCS.

The package com.luciad.ogc.wcs contains the WCS server implementation. The subpackage com.luciad.ogc.wcs.client contains the LuciadLightspeed WCS client API. The subpackage com.luciad.ogc.wcs.common contains classes that may be shared between client and server.

The supported WCS version is 1.0.0.