Class TLcdModelTreeNode

All Implemented Interfaces:
ILcdIntegerIndexedModel, ILcdModel, ILcdModelContainer, ILcdModelProducerListener, ILcdModelTreeNode, ILcdDisposable, Serializable, AutoCloseable, EventListener

public class TLcdModelTreeNode extends TLcdVectorModel implements ILcdModelTreeNode

An implementation of ILcdModelTreeNode based on a TLcdVectorModel. It is mainly intended for empty model nodes: a model node where only the data in the child nodes is important and the node itself contains no useful data.

The isEmpty() method is used to indicate whether a node is empty or not. By default, this method will check the TLcdVectorModel.size() of the model.

When using this class to create a non-empty node, the model node itself is an instance of TLcdVectorModel with the same features and properties as a regular vector model.

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