Class TLcd2DBoundsIndexedModelTreeNode

All Implemented Interfaces:
ILcd2DBoundsIndexedModel, ILcd2DBoundsInteractable, ILcdIntegerIndexedModel, ILcdModel, ILcdModelContainer, ILcdModelProducerListener, ILcdModelTreeNode, ILcdBounded, ILcdDisposable, Serializable, AutoCloseable, EventListener

public class TLcd2DBoundsIndexedModelTreeNode extends TLcd2DBoundsIndexedModel implements ILcdModelTreeNode

An implementation of ILcdModelTreeNode based on a TLcd2DBoundsIndexedModel. It is mainly intended for nodes with data (see TLcdModelTreeNode for empty nodes). Such a model node is a model which useful data and could have child models.

The isEmpty() method is used to indicate whether a node is empty or not. By default, this method will check the TLcd2DBoundsIndexedModel.size() of the model.

The created model nodes are instances of TLcd2DBoundsIndexedModel, and have the same features and properties.

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