Constructor options for WFSFeatureStore.



The Codec which will be used to convert the server response to LuciadRIA feature instances. If omitted, the codec is derived from the outputFormat or defaulted to GeoJsonCodec if outputFormat is not set. Replace the codec if you want to support another format. The codec must support only the decode() method as this is a read-only Store implementation.

credentials?: boolean

Whether credentials should be included with every HTTP request.

geometryName?: string

A geometry property name that is used in the BBOX OGC filter when querying WFS service. The spatial filter can contain an optional geometry property name, which refers to the property that should be used to retrieve a feature's geometry.


methods?: string[]

An array HTTP methods that can be used to communicate with the server. The store supports GET and POST.


outputFormat?: string

Configures the outputFormat parameter on the request. For HTTP GET requests, the default outputFormat parameter is JSON, for HTTP POST requests, the default is application/json. Use this parameter if the server expects a different outputFormat parameter to respond with GeoJSON encoded data or if you want to support another format. Note that the outputFormat is also used to derive the Codec.



The reference in which the Feature instances will be defined when querying this store. This should match the reference of the FeatureModel on which this Store is used. This reference is passed to the Codec.decode method, so that the codec will decode Feature objects with the correct reference.

This reference must match the default CRS listed in the capabilities of the WFS service. Please use the WFSFeatureStore.createFromURL or WFSFeatureStore.createFromCapabilities utility methods to create an instance of this store that guarantees the right reference.

requestHeaders?: null | HttpRequestHeaders

An object literal that represents headers (as a key-value map) to send with each HTTP request. If set (and not empty), an XHR with the specified headers will be performed instead of creating an Image.

requestParameters?: null | {
    [headerName: string]: string | number | boolean | null | undefined;

An object literal that represents the request parameters (as a key-value map) to send with each HTTP request. If set and not empty, the parameters will be added to the HTTP requests.

Type declaration

  • [headerName: string]: string | number | boolean | null | undefined



serviceURL: string

The location of the WFS service endpoint.

swapAxes?: string[]

Indicates whether this Store should swap the axis ordering of coordinates for the specified reference identifier(s) in the OGC BBOX filter when querying the WFS service. If undefined, the axis ordering dictated by the model reference is respected. For each specified reference, the order will be reversed. This is for example needed for EPSG:4326 data that is encoded in longitude-latitude order instead of latitude-longitude.

typeName: string | QName

The name of the feature type this query will be requesting from the server. The type name should be specified as either a string or a QName object. A QName object is a JavaScript object that contains three string properties: prefix, namespace, localPart.

versions?: WFSVersion[]

An array of WFS versions that the server supports. The WFSFeatureStore will select the most appropriate version to communicate with the server. An Error will be thrown if no supported versions are available.