A reference defines a coordinate system. It minimally defines a set of Axes.


  • CoordinateReference



  • get axisInformation(): AxisInformation[]
  • Returns an array of axis information object literals that are associated with the coordinate system.

    The order of the elements in the array is preserved and can be used to disambiguate the meaning of coordinate tuples, for example (lon,lat) versus (lat,lon) coordinate ordering.

    Note that this information is only relevant when decoding / encoding coordinates in a specific order (for example, when implementing a Codec or when encoding coordinates in a URL). When accessing coordinates through the LuciadRIA's Point.x/y/z, you will never have to take the axis information into account. For example, when using geodetic (lon-lat) coordinates, Point.x will always return the points longitude, regardless what the axes information indicates.

    Returns AxisInformation[]

    the axis information object literals associated with the coordinate system.

  • get identifier(): string
  • The identifier of this reference.

    Returns string

  • get name(): string
  • The name of this reference.

    Returns string


  • Compares two references for equality.


    • otherReference: null | CoordinateReference

      The other coordinate reference this reference is compared with.

    Returns boolean

    true if the references are equal, false otherwise.

  • Retrieves Axis information by a given name. Axis names are defined in the Name enumeration.


    • axisName: Name

      The name of the axis you want to retrieve

    Returns Axis

    The axis with the corresponding name