LuciadRIA 2023.1.07 · welcome!

So you installed LuciadRIA, and now you want to:

To run LuciadRIA, you need a license file that is provided to you by our Customer Services department.

Automatic installation

If you installed LuciadRIA with install.jar, the license has been installed automatically from the specified file location.

Custom Installation

To install the license file, copy the text file to the licenses folder.

If the license file comes in an archive file, unpack the archive file in the licenses folder.

For more information, see Check your license.

Find out what you get in your product tier

LuciadRIA is offered in two product tiers: Essential and Pro. Each product tier combines capabilities and optional capabilities that are designed for typical use cases. See Product tiers for more information.

Install with or without LuciadFusion

You can install and run LuciadRIA as a stand-alone product. You can consider installing LuciadFusion too, if you want to use LuciadRIA as a client for OGC data services. LuciadFusion hosts a number of OGC WMS, WMTS and WFS data services out of the box that LuciadRIA samples can directly consume.

To use these services, install LuciadFusion on the same computer and start the Fusion Server. LuciadFusion Studio allows you to easily publish your own custom data sets for immediate visualization in LuciadRIA.

Run the demos and samples

The Samples page provides an overview and descriptions of all LuciadRIA samples.

You can run the samples from that page if you start the sample server.

The LuciadRIA distribution includes a Jetty web server as a sample server. You start the server by executing the startSampleServer script, available in the root of the LuciadRIA distribution.

You need a Java installation on your machine to run the sample server.

When the server is running, go to the Samples page and click on the sample buttons to start them.

Visit the Luciad Developer Platform for product movies and online documentation.

Find out what's new

The release guide explains the new features and improvements of this release.