Class TLcdHaloAlgorithm

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public final class TLcdHaloAlgorithm extends Object implements Serializable
Type safe enumeration representing the algorithms that are available for rendering halo's around a shape.

The choice of the halo algorithm may have a major impact on the performance of the halo rendering. The following general rules apply when choosing an appropriate halo algorithm:

  • Convolution performs better than shifting for large halo thicknesses.
  • Convolution performs better than shifting for shapes which are expensive to render.
  • Shifting performs better for shapes with large dimensions.
Note that convolution supports translucent halo colors, whereas shifting does not.
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      public static final TLcdHaloAlgorithm CONVOLUTION
      This algorithm uses a convolutional filter to create halo's.

      public static final TLcdHaloAlgorithm SHIFTING
      This algorithm creates halo's by rendering the shapes to be haloed multiple times, each time shifted with a different offset around the actual position.
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