Class TLcyMapComponent

All Implemented Interfaces:
ILcyGenericMapComponent<ILcdGXYView,ILcdGXYLayer>, ILcyMapComponent, ILcdDisposable, ILcdPropertyChangeSource, ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable, AutoCloseable, Accessible

public class TLcyMapComponent extends JPanel implements ILcyMapComponent
Implementation of ILcyMapComponent. It provides support for an ILcdGXYView (often in the center), and support for an optional toolbar, optional menubar, optional status bar and optional layer control. Note however that the TLcyMapComponent does not contain anything after it is constructed, it is up to the user of this class to add these components. Also note that no component is ever added to the Swing component hierarchy, this is the responsibility of the user of this class. When for example the north pane is set using setNorthPanel, it is not added to the user interface.

TLcyMapComponents are typically created using a TLcyMapComponentFactory.

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