Class ALfnAssetMetadata.AssetPart

Direct Known Subclasses:
TLfnRasterAssetMetadata.RasterAssetPart, TLfnVectorAssetMetadata.VectorAssetPart
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public abstract static class ALfnAssetMetadata.AssetPart extends Object
A part of an asset, requiring a location and a bounding box.

Bounding boxes have the following requirements:

  • The bounding box's coordinates are always in the asset's geographic reference.
  • The bounding box may be larger than the area of the corresponding data, but the whole data area must lie within the bounding box.

The location points to the resource which can be decoded into a model.

The root, if present, must be an ancestor of the location, and must end with a slash '/'. It is only relevant when storing asset sources in Tile Store. The location's path relative to the root will be copied as asset sources. Consider for example:

  • root=file:///mnt/data/
  • location=file:///mnt/data/file.tiff
When fused with asset sources in Tile Store, the location's path relative to the root is file.tiff and will result in a folder structure on the server:
  • <tile-store-dir>/Assets/<asset-id>/file.tiff
  • Method Details

    • getRoot

      public URI getRoot()
      The location's root, used by the fusion engine to relativize the location when the asset sources are put in the Tile Store. The location's root is only relevant when asset sources need to be in the Tile Store.

      As an example, suppose a location "file:/C:/Data/ENC_ROOT/CATALOG.031" and a root "file:/C:/Data/". The fusion engine will put all asset sources relevant to "file:/C:/Data/ENC_ROOT/CATALOG.031" in the Tile Store.

      the location's root
    • getLocation

      public URI getLocation()
      Gets the location of this asset part as a URI. Note that the location must includes the root, if any.

      OGC filter property XPath: lts:Location/@xlink:href

      the URI of the location, never null
    • getBoundingBox

      public ILcdBounds getBoundingBox()
      Gets the 2D bounding box of this asset part.

      OGC filter property XPath: lts:BoundingBox
      This property can be used with the OGC filter bounding box operator.

      the 2D bounding box, never null
    • getAssetMetadata

      public ALfnAssetMetadata getAssetMetadata()
      Gets the parent asset metadata this asset is part of, which is never null.
      the parent asset metadata this asset is part of, never null
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