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100+ videos to illustrate the many capabilities that Luciad products have to offer.

LuciadLightspeed: Intro

Create your first LuciadLighspeed application. Get started with documentation and tutorial videos.

LuciadRIA Samples 2020.0

Try the live samples and explore the many features LuciadRIA has to offer.

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Would you like to contact Hexagon? Search for Hexagon Geospatial sales offices and partners around the globe.

LuciadRIA: Getting started!

Learn the basic steps to add a LuciadRIA map to your application.

LuciadRIA in Action

Traffic Analyst: A sample LuciadRIA application. Review 24 hours of the entire world's air traffic.

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You can now request software updates directly from the Developer Platform website. For this, Sign in, then click on the session menu and select the option My Products