Class TLcdNoBoundsException

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public class TLcdNoBoundsException extends Exception
TLcdNoBoundsException is an Exception that is thrown when it is impossible to compute valid bounds. This may happen when the geometry is empty, or when the geometry has no valid coordinates in the coordinate space that is considered, for instance.
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  • Constructor Details

    • TLcdNoBoundsException

      public TLcdNoBoundsException()
    • TLcdNoBoundsException

      public TLcdNoBoundsException(String aMessage)
    • TLcdNoBoundsException

      public TLcdNoBoundsException(String aMessage, Throwable aCause)
  • Method Details

    • getSharedInstance

      public static TLcdNoBoundsException getSharedInstance()

      Utility method that returns a shared no bounds exception. This method exists solely for performance reasons: classes that throw many no bounds exceptions should use the exception generated by this method. The stack trace of the exception will not contain the actual location the exception is thrown.

      If a correct stack trace is required set the stackTraceOn property to true. This method then creates a new no bounds exception for every call to this method. This can lead to a severe performance penalty when many exceptions are thrown so use it only for debugging.

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    • setStackTraceOn

      public static void setStackTraceOn(boolean aStackTraceOn)
      When set to true this ensures that the correct stack trace is built for the shared instance. Use only for debugging, since this can lead to a severe performance penalty.
      aStackTraceOn - whether or not the correct stack trace should be constructed for the shared instance.
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