Class ALcyPrintPreviewFactory<C extends ALcyPrintContext>

Direct Known Subclasses:
TLcyLspPrintPreviewFactory, TLcyPrintPreviewFactory

public abstract class ALcyPrintPreviewFactory<C extends ALcyPrintContext> extends Object
Creates the content of the print preview dialog. Usually composed of some GUI widgets to change some settings (paper size, ...), and a part where the actual page(s) can be previewed.
  • Constructor Details

    • ALcyPrintPreviewFactory

      protected ALcyPrintPreviewFactory()
      Creates a new ALcyPrintPreviewFactory.
  • Method Details

    • getLucyEnv

      public abstract ILcyLucyEnv getLucyEnv()
      Returns the associated lucy environment.
      the associated lucy environment.
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    • setLucyEnv

      public abstract void setLucyEnv(ILcyLucyEnv aLucyEnv)
      Sets the associated lucy environment.
      aLucyEnv - The lucy environment.
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    • createPrintPreview

      public abstract Component createPrintPreview(C aPrintContext, ILcdAction aCloseAction)
      Creates a java.awt.Component which contains the content of the print preview dialog for the given ILcyMapComponent. The supplied ILcdAction can be used as action behind a 'close' button.
      aPrintContext - The print context to use.
      aCloseAction - The close action to use.
      the created content of the print preview dialog.