Interface ILcdGML3AbstractGML

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All Known Subinterfaces:
ILcdGML3AbstractCurve, ILcdGML3AbstractFeature, ILcdGML3AbstractFeatureCollection, ILcdGML3AbstractGeometricAggregate, ILcdGML3AbstractGeometricPrimitive, ILcdGML3AbstractGeometry, ILcdGML3AbstractRing, ILcdGML3AbstractSurface, ILcdGML3BoundedFeature, ILcdGML3Curve, ILcdGML3FeatureCollection, ILcdGML3Grid, ILcdGML3LinearRing, ILcdGML3LineString, ILcdGML3MultiCurve, ILcdGML3MultiGeometry, ILcdGML3MultiPoint, ILcdGML3MultiSurface, ILcdGML3Point, ILcdGML3Polygon, ILcdGML3RectifiedGrid, ILcdGML3Ring, ILcdGML3Surface
All Known Implementing Classes:
ALcdGML3AbstractFeature, TLcdWCSAbstractDescription, TLcdWCSAbstractDescriptionBase, TLcdWCSAxisDescription, TLcdWCSCoverageOffering, TLcdWCSCoverageOfferingBrief, TLcdWCSRangeSet, TLcdWCSService

public interface ILcdGML3AbstractGML extends ILcdGML3StandardObjectProperties
This class has been deprecated. The GML decoders and encoders in the com.luciad.format.gml3.* packages are replaced by new decoders and encoders in the packages com.luciad.format.gml2.xml, com.luciad.format.gml31.xml and com.luciad.format.gml32.xml.
Interface for the gml:AbstractGMLType type.

All complexContent GML elements are directly or indirectly derived from this abstract supertype to establish a hierarchy of GML types that may be distinguished from other XML types by their ancestry. Elements in this hierarchy may have an ID and are thus referenceable.

(GML Specification, v3.1.0, paragraph )

  • Method Details

    • getId

      String getId()
      Returns the id of this object. It is of XML type ID, so is constrained to be unique in the XML document within which it occurs. An external identifier for the object in the form of a URI may be constructed using standard XML and XPointer methods. This is done by concatenating the URI for the document, a fragment separator "#", and the value of the id attribute.
      the id of the object.
    • setId

      void setId(String aId)
      Sets the id of this object.
      aId - the id of this object.