Class TLcdCustomBingMapsDataSourceBuilder


public class TLcdCustomBingMapsDataSourceBuilder extends Object
Instances of this class can be used to create an ILcdDataSource that can be used to decode a Bing Maps model using the TLcdBingMapsModelDecoder. This builder builds instances of TLcdCustomBingMapsDataSource, data sources based on a URI pattern.


Decoding a custom Bing Maps source
    ILcdBingMapsDataSource source = new TLcdCustomBingMapsDataSourceBuilder(url).build();
    ILcdModel model = new TLcdBingMapsModelDecoder().decodeSource(source);
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  • Constructor Details

    • TLcdCustomBingMapsDataSourceBuilder

      public TLcdCustomBingMapsDataSourceBuilder(String aURIPattern)
      The protocol used by Bing Maps (retrieving tiles based on a quad key) is also used by other servers. This constructor creates a builder that can create a data source to connect to such a server. The URI pattern can contain the following wild cards:
      • "{quadkey}": Must be present, will be replaced by the quadkey of a certain tile to retrieve it. A quadkey is an unique identifier for a specific BingMaps tile.
      • "{subdomain}": If this is present, it will be replaced by one of the available subdomains [see subDomains(String...)). This can be used to divide the load over different servers. Note that at least one subdomain must be added when this wildcard is present.
      • "{culture}": If present, will be replaced by the culture set on this builder (see culture(String))
      aURIPattern - the URI pattern identifying the custom server(s).
  • Method Details

    • culture

      public TLcdCustomBingMapsDataSourceBuilder culture(String aCulture)
      Sets the culture. This has influence on the labels when available (certain map styles). Values that support custom labeling are:
      • nl-BE: Dutch
      • en-US: English
      • fr-CA: French (Canada)
      • fr-FR: French (France)
      • de-DE: German
      • it-IT: Italian
      • ja-JP: Japanese (only over Japan)
      • es-MX: Spanish (Mexico)
      • es-ES: Spanish (Spain)
      • es-US: Spanish (US)
      • ja-JP: Japanese (only over Japan)
      There are other valid culture values, but these do not have custom labeling. If the URI pattern contains the string "{culture}", it will be replaced by the value set here when requesting tiles. Otherwise setting this will have no effect. The default value is "en-US".
      aCulture - the culture to use.
      this builder.
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    • copyrightHolders

      public TLcdCustomBingMapsDataSourceBuilder copyrightHolders(TLcdBingMapsCopyrightHolder... aCopyrightHolder)
      Adds copyright holder. These will be used to create copyright notices for the visible data if available.
      aCopyrightHolder - an copyright holder.
      this builder.
    • subDomains

      public TLcdCustomBingMapsDataSourceBuilder subDomains(String... aSubDomain)
      Adds a sub domain. If the uri-pattern contains "{subdomain}", it will be replaced by a one of the available sub domains. This can be used to divide the workload over several bing servers.
      aSubDomain - a sub domain to add.
      this builder
    • build

      Creates a data source that can be used to create a BingMaps model using the TLcdBingMapsModelDecoder.
      an TLcdCustomBingMapsDataSource