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Package com.luciad.model

Model interfaces

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Package com.luciad.model Description

Model interfaces

The following are the main model interfaces provided in this package:

Model implementations

The following table shows all available ILcdModel implementations in this package and the functionality they offer. One should choose the model that matches best the requirements: the more functionality a model offers, the more resources it will use and the more constraints it will put on the elements.

Model Integer access Spatial access Feature access Multileveling Lazy loading
TLcdVectorModel x
TLcd2DBoundsIndexedModel x x
TLcdFeatureIndexedVectorModel x x
TLcdFeatureIndexedAnd2DBoundsIndexedModel x x x
TLcdRegularTiled2DBoundsIndexedModel x
TLcdTiled2DBoundsIndexedModel x
TLcd2DRegularTiledBoundsIndexedModel x x
TLcdMultilevel2DBoundsIndexedModel x x x
TLcdSoft2DBoundsIndexedModel x x

The class documentation provides more information about the constraints and limitations of each of the implementations.

If it is unclear which model to use, TLcd2DBoundsIndexedModel is a good first choice that has a good overall performance without adding too much complexity to the application.

Two classes are provided to combine multiple models into larger models:

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