Interface ILcdSegmentScanner

All Known Implementing Classes:
ALcdGeodeticSegmentScanner, TLcdGeodeticSegmentScanner, TLcdGridSegmentScanner, TLcdRhumblineSegmentScanner, TLcdTerrainSegmentScanner

public interface ILcdSegmentScanner
Interface for a class to discretize a given line segment by generating points on the segment. These points are passed to the user function passed as an argument.
  • Method Details

    • scanSegment

      void scanSegment(double aDistanceDelta, ILcdPoint aStartPoint, ILcdPoint aEndPoint, ILcdOnPointFunction aFunction)
      Scan a given line segment.
      aDistanceDelta - Distance between consecutive generated points in meters.
      aStartPoint - Start point of segment.
      aEndPoint - End point of segment.
      aFunction - Function to apply on generated points.
    • getGeoReference

      ILcdGeoReference getGeoReference()
      Returns the geo reference system used.
      the geo reference system used.