Interface ILcdGML3AbstractGeometry

All Superinterfaces:
ILcdGML3AbstractGML, ILcdGML3SrsInformationGroup, ILcdGML3SrsReferenceGroup, ILcdGML3StandardObjectProperties
All Known Subinterfaces:
ILcdGML3AbstractCurve, ILcdGML3AbstractGeometricAggregate, ILcdGML3AbstractGeometricPrimitive, ILcdGML3AbstractRing, ILcdGML3AbstractSurface, ILcdGML3Curve, ILcdGML3Grid, ILcdGML3LinearRing, ILcdGML3LineString, ILcdGML3MultiCurve, ILcdGML3MultiGeometry, ILcdGML3MultiPoint, ILcdGML3MultiSurface, ILcdGML3Point, ILcdGML3Polygon, ILcdGML3RectifiedGrid, ILcdGML3Ring, ILcdGML3Surface

public interface ILcdGML3AbstractGeometry extends ILcdGML3AbstractGML, ILcdGML3SrsReferenceGroup
This class has been deprecated. The GML decoders and encoders in the com.luciad.format.gml3.* packages are replaced by new decoders and encoders in the packages com.luciad.format.gml2.xml, com.luciad.format.gml31.xml and com.luciad.format.gml32.xml.
Interface for the gml:AbstractGeometryType type.

All geometry elements are derived directly or indirectly from this abstract supertype. A geometry element may have an identifying attribute ("gml:id"), a name (attribute "name") and a description (attribute "description"). It may be associated with a spatial reference system (attribute "srsName"). The following rules shall be adhered: - Every geometry type shall derive from this abstract type. - Every geometry element (i.e. an element of a geometry type) shall be directly or indirectly in the substitution group of _Geometry.

(GML Specification, v3.1.0, paragraph