Interface ILcdGML3AbstractGeometricPrimitive

All Superinterfaces:
ILcdGML3AbstractGeometry, ILcdGML3AbstractGML, ILcdGML3SrsInformationGroup, ILcdGML3SrsReferenceGroup, ILcdGML3StandardObjectProperties
All Known Subinterfaces:
ILcdGML3AbstractCurve, ILcdGML3AbstractSurface, ILcdGML3Curve, ILcdGML3LineString, ILcdGML3Point, ILcdGML3Polygon, ILcdGML3Surface

public interface ILcdGML3AbstractGeometricPrimitive extends ILcdGML3AbstractGeometry
This class has been deprecated. The GML decoders and encoders in the com.luciad.format.gml3.* packages are replaced by new decoders and encoders in the packages com.luciad.format.gml2.xml, com.luciad.format.gml31.xml and com.luciad.format.gml32.xml.
Interface for the gml:AbstractGeometricPrimitiveType type.

This is the abstract root type of the geometric primitives. A geometric primitive is a geometric object that is not decomposed further into other primitives in the system. All primitives are oriented in the direction implied by the sequence of their coordinate tuples.

(GML Specification, v3.1.0, paragraph