Class TLcdDAFIFMilitaryTrainingRouteModelDescriptor

All Implemented Interfaces:
ILcdDAFIFModelDescriptorSupport, ILcdDataModelDescriptor, ILcdModelDescriptor, ILcdFeaturedDescriptor, Serializable

public class TLcdDAFIFMilitaryTrainingRouteModelDescriptor extends TLcdMilitaryTrainingRouteModelDescriptor implements ILcdDAFIFModelDescriptorSupport
A model descriptor for DAFIF models containing ILcdMilitaryTrainingRoute objects.

The type name (getTypeName()) and the display name (getDisplayName()) are respectively set to "DAFIF" and DISPLAY_NAME.

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      public static final String DISPLAY_NAME
      The display name associated with this model descriptor.
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    • TLcdDAFIFMilitaryTrainingRouteModelDescriptor

      @Deprecated public TLcdDAFIFMilitaryTrainingRouteModelDescriptor(String aSourceName, String[] aFeatureNames, Class[] aFeatureClasses)
      Creates a new TLcdDAFIFMilitaryTrainingRouteModelDescriptor object.
      aSourceName - The name of the data source.
      aFeatureNames - The feature names.
      aFeatureClasses - The feature classes.
    • TLcdDAFIFMilitaryTrainingRouteModelDescriptor

      public TLcdDAFIFMilitaryTrainingRouteModelDescriptor(String aSourceName, TLcdDataType aDataType)
      Constructs a new TLcdDAFIFMilitaryTrainingRouteModelDescriptor object.
      aSourceName - the name of the data source
      aDataType - the type of the elements of this descriptor's model
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