Contains functionality to parse and access the capabilities of an OGC WFS server. All defined properties are read-only. If you want to visualize data from a WFS server, you need to create a store; please refer to WFSFeatureStore for more information.




  • WFSCapabilities



The list of feature types offered by the WFS server.

The request operations supported by the WFS server.

General information about the WFS server.

updateSequence: string | number

A document version number for the content defined in the capabilities.

version: WFSVersion

The WFS version of the capabilities.


  • Creates WFS capabilities for the given URL and options.


    • url: string

      The location of the WFS service endpoint.

    • Optional options: WFSCapabilitiesFromUrlOptions

      The options that determine how the capabilities object is created.

    Returns Promise<WFSCapabilities>

    The WFS capabilities for the given URL and options. The promise is rejected if no supported version at both sides can be negotiated or if connecting to the URL fails.