Installing the LuciadRIA distribution

The LuciadRIA product is a JavaScript library designed to display an interactive geographical map in your web application. It’s offered as a collection of NPM packages, available as ES6 modules.

Before installing LuciadRIA, check that your system complies with the System requirements.

To install LuciadRIA and start up the LuciadRIA samples:

  1. Unzip all the LuciadRIA zip files in the same folder.

  2. Store a valid LuciadRIA developer license file in the licenses folder in your LuciadRIA installation folder.

  3. Run the startSampleServer.bat or script, available in the root of your LuciadRIA installation folder. This starts a Jetty web server that hosts the LuciadRIA samples.

  4. Browse to http://localhost:8072.

  5. Navigate to the Samples page, and click the available links to open a sample.

Next steps

Upgrading your LuciadRIA application to LuciadRIA 2020.0

If you want to upgrade your AMD-based LuciadRIA application to LuciadRIA 2020.0, and switch to ES6 modules, see Migrating your LuciadRIA application from AMD to ES6 modules.