License error messages

Could not retrieve license

LuciadRIA couldn’t find the required license file installed in the license file location. See Installing the LuciadRIA distribution.

Check the errors in the JavaScript console in your browser for more information about the missing license file.

The license file is not intended for this version of LuciadRIA. Serial of the software: xxxxxxx

You’re using a license file with a serial number that doesn’t match the serial number in your LuciadRIA software.

A major version of the LuciadRIA software is associated with a specific serial number. When you upgrade your LuciadRIA software to a new major version, you must install a new license file too.

To find out what the major version of your LuciadRIA software is, you can look at its version number. Typically, it lists the major version, minor version, and patch version in sequence. For example, if you’re running LuciadRIA 2023.0.02, its major version is 2023, its minor version is 0, and the patch version is 02.

You need a new license file when you upgrade from 2023.0.02 to 2024.1, but you can keep using your current license file when you upgrade from 2023.0.02 to 2023.1.

Invalid LuciadRIA license key (xxxxxxxxxxxxx…​.)

LuciadRIA has determined that the content of your license file is wrong, and that therefore your license is invalid. Contact us for a valid license.

This message may precede the LuciadRIA license expired on yyyy/mm/dd message.

LuciadRIA license expired on yyyy/mm/dd

The expiry date in the license file has passed, and your license has therefore become invalid. Contact us for a license extension or a new license.

Your LuciadRIA license is not valid for this component: xyz

You’re running code associated with a LuciadRIA component for which you don’t have a license.

You have a license for a specific LuciadRIA product tier. That license covers the default components within that tier and possibly some optional components. If you’re running code associated with another product tier or with an optional component that your license doesn’t cover, you get an error message.

For more information about those tiers and the components they include, see LuciadRIA product tiers.

Incomplete LuciadRIA license file

Essential information is missing from your license file. Your license file must specify certain properties, such as version, product name, copyright message, licensee, and so on.