Class TLspDrapingToggleStyler

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public class TLspDrapingToggleStyler extends ALspToggleStyler
Uses one of two stylers, depending on the object's bounds (assuming the object implements ILcdBounded). Note that this behavior can be achieved more easily by using ILspWorldElevationStyle.ElevationMode.OBJECT_DEPENDENT.

The second (or special) styler is used for flat shapes at zero altitude (i.e., shapes that are to be draped on terrain). The first (or regular) styler is used for all other shapes.

An object that does not implement ILcdBounded is not draped on terrain.

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  • Constructor Details

    • TLspDrapingToggleStyler

      public TLspDrapingToggleStyler(ILspStyler aRegularStyler, ILspStyler aDrapingStyler)
      Default constructor.
      aRegularStyler - The styler that will be used for objects that are not suitable for draping
      aDrapingStyler - The styler that will be used for draped objects
  • Method Details

    • isUseSpecialStyler

      protected boolean isUseSpecialStyler(Object aObject, TLspContext aContext)
      Returns true for all ILcdBounded objects at 0 altitude and with 0 depth.
      Specified by:
      isUseSpecialStyler in class ALspToggleStyler
      aObject - the object
      aContext - provides context information
      true for all ILcdBounded objects at 0 altitude and with 0 depth, false otherwise.