Interface ILcdGXYLabelingPathProvider

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public interface ILcdGXYLabelingPathProvider
This interface provides methods to return paths that can be used during labeling. This interface is used by TLcdGXYOnPathLabelingAlgorithm and TLcdGXYInPathLabelingAlgorithm.
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    • getPathsSFCT

      boolean getPathsSFCT(Object aDomainObject, List<TLcdLabelIdentifier> aLabels, ILcdGXYContext aGXYContext, List<ILcdAWTPath> aPathsSFCT)
      This methods adds ILcdAWTPaths to the given list. For each label at index i, a path should be added to aPathsSFCT at index i. The resulting list is used to place the given list of labels. The given domain object is the same object as found in each given label identifier. The layer set in the given ILcdGXYContext is the same layer as found in each given label identifier.

      When two labels should be placed using the same path, the list of AWT paths should contain the same path twice, for each of those labels. It is possible to set the AWT path to null for a label. In that case, the label will not be placed using a path.

      aDomainObject - the domain object for which AWT paths are created.
      aLabels - a list of labels for which an ILcdAWTPath should be added to aPathsSFCT.
      aGXYContext - a gxy context.
      aPathsSFCT - the list in which the paths for every label should be stored. This list is initially empty.
      true if this path provider was able to return paths, or false otherwise.