Class TLcdTransformedHeightProvider

All Implemented Interfaces:
ILcdBounded, ILcdHeightProvider

public class TLcdTransformedHeightProvider extends Object implements ILcdHeightProvider
This height provider retrieves its heights from another height provider with a different reference.
  • Constructor Details

    • TLcdTransformedHeightProvider

      public TLcdTransformedHeightProvider(ILcdHeightProvider aHeightProvider, ILcdModelModelTransformation aTransformation) throws TLcdNoBoundsException
      Creates a new TLcdTransformedHeightProvider that uses the given transformation to transform between the reference in which points are given (the destination reference) and the reference associated with the given delegate height provider (the source reference).
      aHeightProvider - the height provider from which heights will be retrieved.
      aTransformation - the transformation that will be applied to each point for which a height is retrieved (destination -> source reference), and to each height, after it has been retrieved (source -> destination reference). Note that the transformation should be initialized, i.e. the source and target references must be set.
      TLcdNoBoundsException - if the transformed height provider doesn't have valid bounds.
  • Method Details

    • retrieveHeightAt

      public double retrieveHeightAt(ILcdPoint aPoint)
      Description copied from interface: ILcdHeightProvider
      Returns the height at the given point.
      Specified by:
      retrieveHeightAt in interface ILcdHeightProvider
      aPoint - a 2D point, in the horizontal reference that is determined by the implementation.
      the elevation at the given point, in the vertical reference that is determined by the implementation. The value may also be Double.NaN, if the elevation is not known.
    • getBounds

      public ILcdBounds getBounds()
      Description copied from interface: ILcdBounded
      Returns the ILcdBounds by which the geometry of this ILcdBounded object is bounded.

      If the geometry does not allow retrieving valid bounds (for example a polyline with 0 points) the return value is unspecified. It is highly recommended to return an undefined bounds. You can create undefined bounds using the default constructors of TLcdLonLatBounds or TLcdXYBounds.

      Specified by:
      getBounds in interface ILcdBounded
      the ILcdBounds by which the geometry of this ILcdBounded object is bounded.