Interface ILcdChangeSource

All Known Subinterfaces:
ILcdDynamicFilter<T>, ILcyLayerStyle
All Known Implementing Classes:
ALcdDynamicFilter, ALcdViewComponentPrintable, ALcyCompositeFilter, ALcyPrintContext, TLcdBingMapsCopyrightIcon, TLcdBingMapsGXYCopyrightIcon, TLcdBingMapsLogoIcon, TLcdChangeSupport, TLcdComponentPrintable, TLcdGXYViewComponentPrintable, TLcyCompositeAndFilter, TLcyImmutableObjectContainer, TLcyLspPrintContext, TLcyModelObjectFilter, TLcyPrintContext, TLcySLDLayerStyle, TLspBingMapsCopyrightIcon, TLspFXScaleIndicator, TLspViewComponentPrintable

public interface ILcdChangeSource

A source of TLcdChangeEvents to which you can attach ILcdChangeListeners.

When an object implements this interface, you can register ALcdWeakChangeListener instances to it. Consult the class javadoc of ALcdWeakChangeListener for more information.

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  • Method Details

    • addChangeListener

      void addChangeListener(ILcdChangeListener aListener)

      Registers the given listener so it will receive change events from this source.

      In case you need to register a listener which keeps a reference to an object with a shorter life-time than this change source, you can use a ALcdWeakChangeListener instance as change listener.

      aListener - The listener to be notified when a change has happened.
      See Also:
    • removeChangeListener

      void removeChangeListener(ILcdChangeListener aListener)
      Removes the specified listener so it is no longer notified.
      aListener - The listener to remove.