Interface ILcyLayerStyle

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Cloneable, ILcdChangeSource, ILcdCloneable
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public interface ILcyLayerStyle extends ILcdChangeSource, ILcdCloneable
Represents a layer's style. The style can be used to retrieve and copy settings of a layer. The style itself is opaque, so it can only be used between similar layers that are aware of their type of style. A ILcdChangeListener can be added to the style to be notified of changes. To retrieve and copy the style, use a ILcyLayerStyleProvider.
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      Object clone()

      Creates a copy of the style. When a layer style is cloned, its listeners should not be cloned as well.

      A clone of an ILcyLayerStyle is not linked to any layer.

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      clone in interface ILcdCloneable
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