Interface ILcdAzimuthal

All Superinterfaces:
ILcdProjection, ILcdPropertyChangeSource, Serializable
All Known Subinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
ALcdAzimuthal, ALcdPerspective, TLcdAzimuthalEquidistant, TLcdDutchStereographic, TLcdEllipsoidalLambertAzimuthalEqualArea, TLcdGnomonic, TLcdLambertAzimuthalEqualArea, TLcdOrthographic, TLcdStereographic, TLcdVerticalPerspective

public interface ILcdAzimuthal extends ILcdProjection
ILcdAzimuthals are ILcdProjection objects that have a central point of zero distortion. This central point is the origin of the ILcdAzimuthal. The azimuth (direction) from the origin point to any other point on the map is shown correctly.

An ILcdAzimuthal has an origin which is expressed in lat-lon coordinates.

Tangent plane projections are examples of ILcdAzimuthal.

ILcdAzimuthal Structure

  • Method Details

    • setOriginLat

      void setOriginLat(double aLatitude)
      Sets the latitude of the origin to aLatitude. Changing the origin of an azimuthal projection changes also its aspect. The normal aspect of an azimuthal projection corresponds to the origin at one of the poles. The transverse aspect corresponds to the origin on the equator. The oblique aspect corresponds to any other origin.
      aLatitude - The new originLat value.
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    • getOriginLat

      double getOriginLat()
      Gets the latitude of the origin.
      the latitude of the origin.
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    • setOriginLon

      void setOriginLon(double aLongitude)
      Sets the longitude of the origin to aLongitude.
      aLongitude - The new originLon value.
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    • getOriginLon

      double getOriginLon()
      Gets the longitude of the origin.
      the longitude of the origin.
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