Interface ILcdOGCCondition

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TLcdOGCBBoxOperator, TLcdOGCBinaryComparisonOperator, TLcdOGCBinaryLogicOperator, TLcdOGCBinarySpatialOperator, TLcdOGCBinaryTemporalOperator, TLcdOGCDistanceBuffer, TLcdOGCFunction, TLcdOGCIsBetweenOperator, TLcdOGCIsLikeOperator, TLcdOGCIsNullOperator, TLcdOGCNotOperator, TLcdOGCResourceId, TLcdOGCResourceIdsOperator

public interface ILcdOGCCondition extends ILcdGenericExpression
This interface is the marker for all the filter elements that represents a condition. Namely:
  • <ogc:spatialOps> and its substitution group:
    • <ogc:Equals>
    • <ogc:Disjoint>
    • <ogc:Touches>
    • <ogc:Within>
    • <ogc:Overlaps>
    • <ogc:Crosses>
    • <ogc:Intersects>
    • <ogc:Contains>
    • <ogc:DWithin>
    • <ogc:Beyond>
    • <ogc:BBOX>
  • <ogc:comparisonOps> and its substitution group:
    • <ogc:PropertyIsEqualTo>
    • <ogc:PropertyIsNotEqualTo>
    • <ogc:PropertyIsGreaterThan>
    • <ogc:PropertyIsGreaterOrEqualThan>
    • <ogc:PropertyIsLessThan>
    • <ogc:PropertyIsLessOrEqualThan>
    • <ogc:PropertyIsBetween>
    • <ogc:PropertyIsLike>
    • <ogc:PropertyIsNull>
  • <ogc:logicOps> and its substitution group :
    • <ogc:And>
    • <ogc:Or>
    • <ogc:Not>
  • <ogc:function>, if it evaluated to a boolean

Note: normally you do not need to implement this interface yourself. There are concrete implementations for all the types of conditions defined in the OGC filter specification.
In case you want to add support for custom functions to your OGC filter, consult the ILcdEvaluatorFunction interface documentation.