Package com.luciad.lucy.gui.status

package com.luciad.lucy.gui.status

Contains support classes for handling TLcdStatusEvent's in an application. ILcyLucyEnv is a typical source of TLcdStatusEvent's, a status bar is a typical consumer of TLcdStatusEvent's.

Reporting status to the user is done using a TLcyProgressBar (for long running tasks) and a TLcyStatusMessageBar (for the accompanying messages). It might be required to block the user interface for certain tasks (e.g. using a wait cursor). This can be achieved using TLcyUserInteractionBlocker.

  • Classes
    Action to interrupt the current task using Thread#interrupt.
    This progress bar automatically updates itself according to the TLcdStatusEvents it receives.
    This JComponent displays the message of the last TLcdStatusEvent it has received.
    Implementation of ILcdStatusListener that blocks user interaction with a given frame between receiving a START_BUSY and an END_BUSY status event, provided the blocking hint of those events is set to true.