Package com.luciad.lucy.gui.customizer.lightspeed

package com.luciad.lucy.gui.customizer.lightspeed

This package provides an entry point to create user interface components which allow the end-user to change various Lightspeed styles. The most common Lightspeed styles, such as line, fill, icon, text and label styles, are supported. The panels expect the style to be wrapped by consecutively a TLspCustomizableStyle and a TLcyLspCustomizableStyleContext.

The most important factory is TLcyLspStyledLayerCustomizerPanelFactory, which allows you to create an ILcyCustomizerPanel containing UI for the general layer settings (e.g. visible, selectable, ...) and for the styling of the layer (e.g. line styles, icon styles, ...).

To create panels for individual Lightspeed styles, TLcyLspStyleCustomizerPanelFactories can be used.

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