Class TLcyTreeTableViewAddOn


public class TLcyTreeTableViewAddOn extends ALcyAddOn

This add-on provides the exact same functionality as the TreeTableViewAddOn sample class, and is actually a wrapper around it. This construct allows to either use this add-on as-is, or to not use it at all and replace it with the identical TreeTableViewAddOn. As the source code of the latter is available as sample code, it offers unlimited customization possibilities.

Please refer to TreeTableViewAddOn for an explanation of what this add-on does.

To replace this add-on with the sample version, add the following snippet to your addons.xml file.

     <!-- Replace the official tree table view add-on by the sample-based version and the sample config file-->
       <name>Tree table view</name>
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    • TLcyTreeTableViewAddOn

      public TLcyTreeTableViewAddOn()
      Default constructor
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