Class TLcdAWTEventDispatcher

All Implemented Interfaces:
ILcdAWTEventListener, ILcdAWTEventSource

public class TLcdAWTEventDispatcher extends Object implements ILcdAWTEventListener, ILcdAWTEventSource

This class is the central access point for dispatching AWTEvent (extensions) and informing all interested parties about it.

Events are dispatched to their source when this source is an instance of Component.

Typically this source will be the most specific component matching with the event. For example, for a touch event this could be the deepest component overlapping with the touch coordinates.

Listeners can be added to this class which will be warned when an event is dispatched. This allows to listen to all events which are inserted into the application.

 // add our listener to the dispatcher
 aEventDispatcher.addEventListener( new ILcdAWTEventListener(){
   public void handleAWTEvent( AWTEvent aEvent ) {
       // do something with the event
   } };

This is especially useful for debugging purposes.

All methods should be called from the Event Dispatch Thread (EDT).