Class TLcdUSRPZoneDescriptor


public class TLcdUSRPZoneDescriptor extends Object
This descriptor contains the information about a USRP/ASRP/ADRG zone present in a General Information File (GEN).
See Also:
  • "The UTM/UPS Standard Raster Product Specification (USRP, Edition 1.3, August 1997)"
  • "The ARC Standard Raster Product Specification (ASRP, Edition 1.2, March 1995)"
  • "ARC Digitized Graphics (ADRG, MIL-A-89007, February 1990)"
  • Constructor Details

    • TLcdUSRPZoneDescriptor

      public TLcdUSRPZoneDescriptor()
  • Method Details

    • getProductType

      public String getProductType()
      Returns the Product Type.
    • setProductType

      public void setProductType(String aProductType)
    • getDatasetID

      public String getDatasetID()
      Returns the data set ID.
    • setDatasetID

      public void setDatasetID(String aDatasetID)
    • getDataStructure

      public int getDataStructure()
      Returns the Data Structure.
    • setDataStructure

      public void setDataStructure(int aDataStructure)
    • getDataDensityEastWest

      public double getDataDensityEastWest()
      Returns the Data Density in the East-West direction.
    • setDataDensityEastWest

      public void setDataDensityEastWest(double aDataDensityEastWest)
    • getDataDensityNorthSouth

      public double getDataDensityNorthSouth()
      Returns the Data Density in the North-South direction.
    • setDataDensityNorthSouth

      public void setDataDensityNorthSouth(double aDataDensityNorthSouth)
    • getDataDensityUnits

      public String getDataDensityUnits()
      Returns the Data Density Units.
    • setDataDensityUnits

      public void setDataDensityUnits(String aDataDensityUnits)
    • getReciprocalScale

      public int getReciprocalScale()
      Returns the Reciprocal Scale.
      a unitless scale denominator
    • setReciprocalScale

      public void setReciprocalScale(int aReciprocalScale)
    • getPixelSpacing

      public double getPixelSpacing()
      Returns the Pixel Spacing.
    • setPixelSpacing

      public void setPixelSpacing(double aPixelSpacing)
    • isImageRectified

      public boolean isImageRectified()
      Returns whether the image has been rectified.
    • setImageRectified

      public void setImageRectified(boolean aImageRectified)
    • getNumberOfPixelsInEastWestArc

      public int getNumberOfPixelsInEastWestArc()
      Returns the Number Of Pixels in the East-West Arc.
    • setNumberOfPixelsInEastWestArc

      public void setNumberOfPixelsInEastWestArc(int aNumberOfPixelsInEastWestArc)
    • getNumberOfPixelsInNorthSouthArc

      public int getNumberOfPixelsInNorthSouthArc()
      Returns the Number Of Pixels in the North-South Arc.
    • setNumberOfPixelsInNorthSouthArc

      public void setNumberOfPixelsInNorthSouthArc(int aNumberOfPixelsInNorthSouthArc)