Package com.luciad.format.arinc

package com.luciad.format.arinc
Provides decoders and helper classes to support the ARINC 424 format.

The supported ARINC 424 specifications are version 15, 17 and 18.

The com.luciad.format.arinc.decoder package contains an ILcdModelDecoder implementation to decode ARINC data, TLcdARINCModelDecoder.

This package also has TLcdARINCDecoder. This decoder allows configuration of the types of AIS objects to be decoded. For each type of object, a specific ILcdARINCHandler implementation must be added to the decoder. ILcdARINCHandler implementations are available for aerodromes, airport communications, heliports, heliport communications, controlled airspaces, FIR/UIR airspaces,restrictive airspaces, enroute airways, enroute communications, waypoints, navigation aids (DME, VOR, NDB, TACAN, localizer/glide slopes, Marker), holdings, procedures, routes and runways.

Decoded ARINC models use domain objects from the general AIS model (com.luciad.ais.model), together with specific ARINC feature information that is available in the com.luciad.format.arinc.model package.

To visualize ARINC models in Lightspeed, see TLspARINCLayerBuilder.

To visualize ARINC models on a GXY map, TLcdARINCDefaultLayerFactory can be used to create layers. It can be configured through TLcdARINCLayerConfiguration, which controls the actual visualization behavior the domain objects (e.g., icon color, label font, etc.).