Class TLcdAIXM51Property<T extends ILcdDataObject>

All Implemented Interfaces:
ILcdDataObject, ILcdCloneable, ILcdDeepCloneable, Cloneable

public class TLcdAIXM51Property<T extends ILcdDataObject> extends TLcdAIXM51AbstractAIXMProperty

Concrete implementation of TLcdAIXM51AbstractAIXMProperty with a single property containing the object this property is referring to.

This class is typically used as a UML association class. This means that it implements an association between two other classes. The OBJECT_PROPERTY is the role property of this association. In the large majority of cases, only the value of the role property is used by applications. In those cases, the association class can be considered to be a mere wrapper. Because of this, the API of the domain objects was made such that these association classes are not visible in the API. The getters and setters for properties of which the type is an association class directly expose the role property. Wrapping and unwrapping is done automatically by the implementation. Only when the application uses the generic ILcdDataObject API to access the domain objects, these association classes become visible.

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  • Constructor Details

    • TLcdAIXM51Property

      public TLcdAIXM51Property(TLcdDataType aType)
    • TLcdAIXM51Property

      public TLcdAIXM51Property(T aObject)
  • Method Details

    • getObject

      public T getObject()
      Gets the object this property is referring to
      the object this property is referring to
    • setObject

      public void setObject(T aValue)
      Sets the object this property is to refer to
      aValue - the object this property is to refer to