Package com.luciad.format.aixm51.model.features.routes.enroute

package com.luciad.format.aixm51.model.features.routes.enroute
  • Classes
    The distance from the start of the route portion to the position where change over occurs for VOR defined routes.
    Information about the operational availability of a route.
    DME facilities that are used for a particular route for DME/DME navigation.
    A group of two or more consecutive segments of the same route, which have the usage and/or the same flight restrictions.
    A portion of a route to be flown usually without an intermediate stop, as defined by two consecutive significant points.
    A specified route designed for channelling the flow of traffic as necessary for the provision of air traffic services, from the end of the take-off and initial climb phase to the commencement of the approach and landing phase.