Class TLcdProcedureGeometryCalculator

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public class TLcdProcedureGeometryCalculator extends Object
Geometry calculator for ILcdProcedure objects. The procedure data must meet the following requirements:
  • Values that are undefined in the source data should be set to Double.NaN. Do not attempt to substitute default values (e.g. zero)!
  • If an IF leg corresponds to a runway, the course for that leg should be set to the runway direction to make sure the aircraft takes off in the right direction.
  • The procedure must not contain more than one branch, i.e. multiple in or out transitions are not allowed.
  • Courses must all be true bearings, not magnetic ones.
The following is an overview of which ILcdProcedureLeg properties are used during geometry calculation.
  • getType(): always required, for obvious reasons.
  • getFix(): specifies the terminator of IF, TF, DF, AF, RF, CF, HA, HF, HM legs. Specifies the starting point of FA, FC, FD, FM, PI legs.
  • getFixOverflyType(): determines whether the leg should end in a flyby or a flyover.
  • getTurnDirectionType(): overrides the turn direction (left or right) where applicable.
  • getArcCentreFix(): specifies the center of the arc for RF legs.
  • getRecommendedNavaid(): specifies the center of the arc for AF legs. Specifies the DME relative to which distance is measured for CD/VD legs, and the VOR relative to which radials are measured for CR/VR legs.
  • getTheta(): specifies the radial from the center to the end point of the turn for AF legs. Specifies the radial to be intercepted for CR/VR legs.
  • getCourse(): specifies the radial from the center to the start point of the turn for AF legs. Specifies the course to be flown for all other leg types where applicable.
  • getDistance(): specifies the holding leg length for HA, HF, HM legs. Specifies the DME distance for CD/VD legs. Specifies the along track distance for FC legs.
  • getDuration(): specifies the duration for which the inbound and outbound legs of a holding pattern are to be flown for HA, HF, HM legs. Note that duration takes precedence over distance if both are specified. Also specifies leg duration for FT, PT legs.
  • getIAPFixRole(): determines the starting point of the missed approach procedure if one is present.