Interface ILcdEditableRunway

All Superinterfaces:
Cloneable, ILcd2DEditablePointList, ILcd2DEditablePolyline, ILcd2DEditableShape, ILcd3DEditablePointList, ILcd3DEditablePolyline, ILcd3DEditableShape, ILcdBounded, ILcdCloneable, ILcdDataObject, ILcdPointList, ILcdPolyline, ILcdRunway, ILcdShape, Serializable
All Known Implementing Classes:
TLcdFeaturedRunway, TLcdRunway

public interface ILcdEditableRunway extends ILcdRunway, ILcd3DEditablePolyline
This interface is an extension of the ILcdRunway interface that allows to change the attributes and relationships of a runway.

Attributes and relationships in AIS domain objects can be required or optional. When unspecified, an attribute or relationship is optional. Note that most optional attributes are modeled using features.

In future releases of AIS, optional attributes or relationship may be added to this interface. When this would happen, existing implementations may just provide an empty implementation modifying or setting these new attributes or relationships. This will require a minimal effort to update existing code to a new version of AIS.

  • Method Details

    • setRunwayDirection

      void setRunwayDirection(int aIndex, ILcdRunwayDirection aDirection)
      Specifies a value for the direction at the given position.

      This is a required relationship.

      aIndex - 0 or 1 (maximum 2 runway directions)
      aDirection - the runway direction to be added to the runway
    • setWidth

      void setWidth(double aWidth)
      Specifies the width of the runway.

      This is a required relationship.

      aWidth - the width of the runway in meter