What is a map component

A map component (ILcyGenericMapComponent) consists of:

  • The actual map or view (ILcdView)

  • A number of UI elements which work on or interact with the map.

    Examples are the layer control, a tool bar with controllers, a mouse read-out, and so on.

Lucy supports 2 different types of maps that each use a different rendering technology:

  • Lightspeed maps with an ILspView support 2D and 3D views, and use the GPU for hardware-accelerated rendering. They require the TLcyLspMapAddOn to be included.

  • GXY maps with an ILcdGXYView show data in 2D only. The rendering is done on the CPU. They require the TLcyMapAddOn to be included.

The map manager

All available maps in Lucy are registered with the map manager (TLcyCombinedMapManager). The map manager:

  • Keeps track of all the currently available maps in the application.

  • Fires events when new maps are created, or when existing maps are removed.

  • Allows you to set and obtain the active map. The active map is the one the user is currently interacting with. For example, the open-data action will load the data on the active map.

  • Fires events when the active map changes.

By using the available methods on the map manager, you can for example: