There are several use-cases which require the usage of a custom ILcdOWSTransport. For example:

Configuring the custom transport on the model decoder

When you want to visualize WCS data on a map, you first use the WCS model decoder to create an ILcdModel, as illustrated in Visualize WCS data on a Lightspeed map tutorial.

You can pass the custom transport to the constructor of the model decoder, and the model decoder will use this transport:

TLcdWCSCoverageModelDecoder modelDecoder = new TLcdWCSCoverageModelDecoder(customTransport);

Configuring the custom transport on the TLcdWCSClient

When you want to send your own WCS requests to the server, you use the TLcdWCSClient directly. Creating a client which uses a custom transport is done by passing the transport to the factory method:

TLcdWCSClient client = TLcdWCSClient.createWCSClient(serverURI, customTransport, null);