Interface ILcdOWSTransport

All Known Implementing Classes:
TLcdOWSHttpTransport, TLcyCompositeOWSTransport

public interface ILcdOWSTransport
A transport layer to access OpenGIS Web Services.
  • Method Details

    • canPerformRequest

      default boolean canPerformRequest(TLcdOWSOperation aOperation, ILcdOWSRequest aRequest)

      Fast check to see whether or not this transport is capable of performing the request.

      When this method returns false, performRequest(TLcdOWSOperation, ILcdOWSRequest) will not be capable of performing the request and throw an error. When this method returns true, it is still possible that calling performRequest(TLcdOWSOperation, ILcdOWSRequest) throws an error (for example when the server is offline).

      The default implementation returns true.

      aOperation - The operation
      aRequest - The request parameters
      false when this transport cannot perform the request, true when this transport probably can perform the request.
    • performRequest

      TLcdOWSInputStream performRequest(TLcdOWSOperation aOperation, ILcdOWSRequest aRequest) throws TLcdOWSTransportException
      Performs the specified operation passing in the parameters defined in the request object.
      aOperation - the operation to perform
      aRequest - the request parameters
      a typed inputstream
      TLcdOWSTransportException - if an error occurs in the transport layer
    • isCompatibleURI

      boolean isCompatibleURI(URI aUri)
      Determines whether the specified URI is compatible with this transport. When performing a request, a transport implementation should only attempt to use those access points whose URIs are compatible.
      aUri - the URI to test
      true if the specified URI is compatible; false otherwise
    • createDCP

      TLcdOWSDCP createDCP(URI aURI)
      Creates an OpenGIS Web Service DCP that can be used to access the specified URI using this transport. This method can be used to create a TLcdOWSOperation object that is needed to perform initial requests (in other words, requests that need to be performed before web service metadata has been retrieved).
      aURI - the URI
      an OWS DCP object
      NullPointerException - if the specified URI is null
      IllegalArgumentException - if the specified URI is not compatible with this transport