LuciadLightspeed allows you to check the capabilities of your system by offering the TLspPlatformInfo utility class. This class lets you generate a detailed specifications report on the hardware, OpenGL and OpenCL capabilities of the platform on which a view is running. As explained in Deciding between a GXY view and a Lightspeed view, OpenCL can also be used in LuciadLightspeed , to perform computations on the GPU.

The report is returned as a String when you call the getReport method. It contains information related to the following items:

  • Operating system

  • OpenGL basic information: vendor, renderer, version

  • OpenGL available extensions

  • OpenGL state variables

  • OpenCL basic information: vendor, version

  • OpenCL available extensions

  • OpenCL device information

The sample uses this utility class to automatically generate a capability report. It gives you the option to save this report to disk.

See the system requirements documentation for more information.