The TLcyCombinedMapManager keeps track of all maps. If your application mixes different types of maps, the map manager will return them all and fire events for them all.

If you want to deal with maps of a specific type only, you can use the ILcyGenericMapComponent.getView method. It gives you access to the view, which you can use to filter out map types. You can focus on Lightspeed views only, for instance:

Program: Looping over all available Lightspeed maps
ILcyLucyEnv lucy = ...;

//Retrieve the map manager
TLcyCombinedMapManager mapManager = lucy.getCombinedMapManager();

//Ask the map manager for all currently available maps
List<ILcyGenericMapComponent<? extends ILcdView, ? extends ILcdLayer>> mapComponents = combinedMapManager.getMapComponents();
             .filter(map -> map.getMainView() instanceof ILspView)
             .forEach(map -> {
               //do something with the Lightspeed map